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Welcome To ALIEN Weekly! This is a resource that was created by Chief ALIEN Brian Devlin to bring you KILLER training ideas, tactics, strategies and systems. Its "just programming" nothing else. No marketing. No business advice. No guru BS. Just straight up ALIEN workout ideas you can plug into your current fitness programming today for instant client satisfaction, increased retention and more referrals.

We will post a free and premium video each week with cheat sheet and clear instructions. The world has never seen this type of resource before so we know you will love the ride!

The Completion Level of Your Training.


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Advanced Instability Training

Welcome back to Alien Training! This week’s video demonstrates an advanced instability circuit that will target the entire body and place a high demand on neuromuscular efficiency. This circuit is great for de-load weeks or for your clients who prefer calisthenics. Use this circuit to develop stability, strength, and explosiveness all in one workout! Use different variations and make your own to mix it up and keep the body guessing. This is a great circuit on its own but you can also use any of these exercises in your other programs as warm ups and burn outs.

The possibilities are endless!


Train your core like never before

Welcome back to alien training!

This week I have a circuit designed to target every angle of your core without doing a single traditional core exercise. These exercises engage the functional stability of the core in ways that aren’t achieved by doing crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, etc. Train your core the way it is meant to function, and keep it multi-planar!


The most crucial part of any program

Progressive Training with Sandbags

Shred with your board!

Advanced Bosu Training

Progressional Plyometrics

Multi-joint Scapular Training

A Motivational Tool

Cable Supersets

Hypertrophy Training in 30-60 Minutes

Look Like a Fighter

Multi-Planar Madness

FUNdamental Athletic Training

Tabata Time

Back to Basics

Core Crushers Volume 2

Unique Mountain Climber Variations

Circuit-Complex Training

Scapular Integrity Programming

Strength Training for Runners

Stability Ball Programming

Beginner/Intermediate Balance Training

Isometric Burnout Training

Knockout Fitness

Floor based functional exercises (great for bootcamps)

Sports Specific Programming Drills

The Ultimate Medicine Ball Workout

Take The Stairs

Plate Flow Circuit

My Favorite Advanced Plyometric Exercises

Kettlebell Exercises You’ve Never Seen

My Personal Workout

Assessment Workout

True Tabata